The Principles of ILC

Principles of Independent Living Center Lalitpur:
  • Human Rights: equal rights & opportunities for all; no segregation by disability type or stereotype.
  • Consumerism:  a person who are using or buying a service or product should decide what is best for him or herself.
  • De-institutionalization: no person should be instutionalized.
  • De-medicalization: persons with disabilities are not sick
  • Self-help: Professional are not the source of the help provide
  • Advocacy: protect human rights; ensure rights of persons with disabilities from all stakeholders.
  • Barrier Removal: institutional, architectural, communicational and attitudinal barriers must be remove.
  • Consumer Control: Persons with disabilities are governed, managed, staffed and operated by persons with disabilities
  • Peer role Models: leadership for living independently and disability rights is vested in persons with disabilities.
  • Cross–Disability: work done by different types of disability

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