The Barriers of IL

Overcoming the Barriers
Disability is a development as well as a human rights issue in Nepal. The Independent Living Center (ILC) works to overcome this barriers, but the realization of human rights for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Nepal is a huge challenge since they are not even recognized as part of the society. Persons with disabilities (PWDs), specifically in the rural areas of Nepal, tend to be invisible, disadvantaged and forgotten in the context of development and society.
The Major Barriers identified by Independent Living Center Lalitpur are as follows:
  • Physical barriers to places of work, shops, education, health facilities, public buildings, roads, housing and other public places.
  • Lack of accessible transportation, information and communication and technology.
  • Lack of necessary services i.e., Personal Assistant services, assistive devices, reasonable accommodation,
  • Lack of Employment or Social Security, rights and responsibilities to support living independently.
  • Lack and inappropriate of domestic laws, regulations, policies or practice that forces persons with disabilities to live segregated and institutional setting against their will and preferance.
  • Attitudes about the ability of people with disabilities to live where and with whom they choose and to make decisions for themselves.

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