Peer Counseling

Peer Counseling 
During our Peer Counseling program persons with disabilities (PWDs) can find comfort, advice, guidance, motivation and confide. Peer counseling is very effective as the method is proved to be successful and helpful. In order to provide a useful effect during the counsel a sense of mutual understanding is required. That is why the Independent Living Center (ILC) Lalitpur has a non-professional counseling method by using a co-counseling technique from persons with disabilities (PWDs) with similar personal problems, backgrounds or experiences. The Independent Living Center can thus provide a Peer Counseling or Fellowship Counseling.

Some topics are only known and experienced by only persons with disabilities (PWD’s) as so the Independent Living Center (ILC) Lalitpur strongly believes in peer counseling in order to have a successful impact on the state of mind. During these talks or councils many subjects are discussed such as the current state of living, common barriers, lack of family support, source of income and accessibility.
The Independent Living Center (ILC) Lalitpur provides this peer counseling service in order to improve the state of mind of persons with disabilities (PWDs). As many afflicted persons are often mistreated and misunderstood during this program persons with disabilities (PWD’s) can be counseled by an equal level and a bond is quickly formed with the counsel giver and taker.

If you have any disability and in need of motivation, advice or even just a mutual understanding conversation, please don’t hesitate and
Contact us for an appointment!

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