ILC's Vision

ILC’s Vision
Independent Living Center’s (ILC’s) main vision is for Nepal to realize and improve the rights and accessibility level for people with disabilities (PWD’s). To remove all barriers that withhold persons with disabilities (PWDs) to live as a productive member of society. These barriers are set up as an old belief system and are not necessary in a modern and developed Nepal. The independent Living Center (ILC) aims to create a disabled friendly environment, employment and social accepting society for persons with disabilities (PWDs).
As the Independent Living Center (ILC) works to strengthen the values, principles and practices of the Independent Living (IL) concept in Nepal, there are some key goals to achieve in the long run.

The Main Goals
As Independent Living (IL) needs the full back up of the Nepalese government in order to implement its vision for a disability friendly Nepal, the Independent Living Center (ILC) works to promote and strengthen the concept of Independent Living (IL) as key mediators within the government. By reaching this level the Independent Living Center (ILC) can implement and support all Independent Living activities from within the government of Nepal.
Governmental support is one way and another is to ensure the states in Nepal follow the promotion and development of the Independent Living Concept. 

Objectives of Independent Living
The Independent Living Center (ILC) Lalitpur has set up a strict plan of organizational objectives and targets, alongside with its goals. In order to create a successful change within the Nepalese Society regarding persons with disabilities, the Independent Living Center (ILC) needs to follow a long journey and reach its objectives. One of these objectives includes increasing the capacity of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the management, leadership and advocacy sectors can we have a positive impact in reaching our goals.

These are some of the Independent Living Centers focus points and objectives:
  • To get a positive and fully sensitized state, that has need based, active improvement programs and obligatory laws effectively implemented.
  • Establish an active and progressive network of persons with disabilities (PWDs) who can contribute and participate in Independent Living.
  • To organize Independent Living Programs (ILPs) such as; peer counseling, advice on equipment or assistive devices, offer the service of personal assistants (PAs), perform training sessions for personal assistants (PAs), Independent Living training, transportation solutions and employment counseling/training.
  • To establish a cooperative and barrier free society within Nepal that is social friendly towards persons with disabilities (PWDs)
  • Participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) on a social, political, economic, physical and cultural level to increase their livelihood with their self-esteem, independency and dignity
  • To advocate the implementation of national and international treaties, agreement declarations, etc. related to persons with disabilities (PWDs).
  • Preparing an enabling environment that produces and commercializes products, accessories and equipment for the assistance in the daily life of persons with disabilities (PWDs)  



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