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The Major Barrier of Living Independently

Nepal is still growing and developing and the Independent Living Center (ILC) Lalitpur aims to steer this development in a favorable way for persons with disabilities (PWDs). Still facing with a lot of barriers progress is being made every day due to the active participation of the Independent Living Center (ILC) and its concept of Independent Living (IL). These barriers will be overcome by raising awareness and increasing the support for a disability friendly Nepal.
The Independent Living Center (ILC) is facing these major barriers:
  • Physical barriers to places of work, education, health facilities, public buildings and public constructions.
  • The lack of accessible transportation, legislation, regulations, policies.
  • Old practices that forces persons with disabilities (PWDs) to live segregated or institutional against their will.
  • Lack of accessible information about services, rights and responsibilities to support living independently.
  • Lack of accommodation and housing services, personal assistant services and assistive devices and technologies to facilitate communications by people with disabilities (PWDs).
  • No easy access on education, health and employment for persons with severe and profound disabilities and no appropriate provisions for social security.
  •  No attitudes about the ability of people with disabilities to live where and with whom they choose and to make decisions for themselves.

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