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Run completely by persons with disabilities (PWDs) the Independent Living Center (ILC) Lalitpur is a non-profitable and non-political self-aid organization. As a non-governmental organization (NGO) the Independent Living Center focuses on the establishment and the protection of the rights for persons with a disability, furthermore the Independent Living Center works to improve the availability of public access and gives the service of independent living, personal assistant (P.A.) and peer counseling. Registered in 2010 AD at the District Administration Office of Lalitpur Nepal under the Institution registration Act-1977, ( the Independent Living Center Lalitpur is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council Nepal and is associated with several national and international development partnerships, organizations and networks.

In Nepal disability access and help service is very limited and in some areas those services don’t exist, the Independent Living Center makes sure that persons with disabilities have an equal chance on employment, daily functions, self-decision making processes and aid through  a Personal Assistance service. Organizing various programs and activities, people with disabilities have the chance to be actively involved in creating solutions for the future and make Nepal in a disabled friendly environment. The concept of Independent Living means that persons with disabilities (PWDs) has the chance and opportunity on a normal and successful life.

The Independent Living Center of Lalitpur Nepal has been working a lot on the participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the decision making process, peer counselling or support, personal assistant services, the independent living program, the use of assistive devices and technologies, housing and disabled friendly accommodation, accessibility and social security for persons with disabilities in Nepal.

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01 Aug 2018

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