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The Independent Living Center (ILC) keeps growing and evolving in to a more secure and successful organization for the aid of persons with disabilities (PWDs). Our Independent Living Center Programs (ILCPs) designed for the betterment of the current situation of assistance, social acceptance, daily living and employment in Nepal for persons with disabilities (PWDs). Organizing these programs requires a lot of support and active participation, by joining up for either one of these programs you cannot only help the cause but enjoy the positive result these programs will bring.    In order to keep growing it is vital that we keep active and we invite any person with a disability (PWD) to join at least one of our programs and help make Nepal in to a modern disability friendly country!
Our Core Programs
Independent Living
The Independent Living Program (ILP) is there to increase persons with disabilities (PWDs) daily living skills and to equip them with the tools they need but can’t get access to. The program focusses on basic skills to perform independently and without any disadvantage. These skills will be different as per the disability of the participant. Basic skills are required and we focus on bathing, cooking, washing, cleaning, dressing, toileting and advanced skills such as transfer and mobility, finance management and employment. Another focus point of the Independent Living Program (ILP) is to provide the knowledge and the necessary skills to live independently in your own community with the support of family, friends or personal attendants. This is done by raising awareness in the communities and explaining the importance of Independent Living (IL) for persons with disabilities (PWDs).



Personal Assistant Services
This programs allows persons with disabilities (PWDs) who need all time support to get daily assistance from a Personal Assistant (PA). These Personal Assistants are certified and trained by the Independent Living Center (ILC) and provide an excellent service in terms of assistance, decision making and daily chores. Personal Assistant service is not a charity or volunteerism but an socially accepted and fundamentally necessary service. By enlarging this program the Independent Living Center (ILC) aims to enlarge this service nationwide and as a national social system implemented in every local government.


Peer Counseling
During our Peer Counseling program persons with disabilities (PWDs) can find comfort, advice, guidance, motivation and confide. Peer Counseling is very effective as the method is proved be successful and helpful. In order to provide a useful effect during the counsel a sense of mutual understanding is required. That is why the Independent Living Center (ILC) Lalitpur has a non-professional counseling method by using a co-counseling technique from persons with disabilities (PWDs) with similar personal problems, backgrounds or experiences. The Independent Living Center can thus provide a Peer Counseling or Fellowship Counseling.


During this program we focus on the legal state in Nepal considering the rights and services for persons with disabilities (PWDs) and on how to improve these. Meeting, plans and debates will be held on these topics and actions will be organized to proclaim the stakeholders in to assuring that the fundamental rights, services and the public accessibilities will improve on a national and international level by means of conventions, treaties, laws and legislations. A strong legal team is needed in order to assure this programs success and support on a global scale.


An Information Center and Referral Center
As the Independent Living Center (ILC) Lalitpur is always growing it has a vast network of supporters, caregivers, services and stakeholders. As so the center is very useful for any type of information to the benefit of persons with disabilities (PWDs). For any type of service that the center can’t provide itself there is a reference center or institution in our database that we can refer to anybody that needs its help or service. Through its ever growing publications, programs, networks and contacts the Independent Living Center (ILC) can offer referral service for; affordable assistive devices, employment opportunities, transportation solutions and free education and health services in Nepal.


The research and development of Assistive Devices and Technologies
Being involved in the training, research, innovation and production of the newest assistive devices and technologies the Independent Living Center (ILC) holds this program as high valued. Nepal is not disabled friendly and every new and innovated device or technology is important in order to improve the accessibility in Nepal for persons with disabilities (PWDs). By encouraging young minds and engaging the Assistive Devices & Technology Center to manufacture all types of affordable yet durable wheelchairs and other assistive devices, the Independent Living Center (ILC) works to improve the access and support for persons with disabilities (PWDs). Not only by participating in this program but by investing or donating towards the research and development (R&D) of the newest assistive devices and technologies can you boost the progress towards Independent Living (IL).


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