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Independent Living Center Lalitpur
Independent Living Center Lalitpur (ILC-Laltpur) is a completely non-profitable and non-political self-help organization run by persons with disabilities. This is the disabled people Organization established to work for the Promotion and Protection of the rights of Persons with Disabilities through the concept of Independent Living in Nepal. The term ‘Independent Living’ as defined by Persons with Disabilities does not mean doing things for yourself only or living on your own. It means having choice and control over the assistance and/or equipment and assistive devices needed for daily life and having access to amenities that society has to offer such as housing, transport, health services, employment, entertainment, education and training opportunities. Independent Living (IL) is a vision, a philosophy and a movement of Persons with Disabilities to promote and protect human rights of Persons with Disabilities. It interprets Disability in a social model and rights based approach.
In Nepal, ILCL has been working in Policy advocacy to enhance the participation of Persons with Disabilities in Decision making processes, Peer support, Personal Assistant Services (PAS) and Independent Living Programs (ILP) in terms of training on daily living skills.

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